A message from the Director

Welcome to Northalta Family Day Care Service Ltd.!

We are a city wide accredited Day Home agency offering “A Home Away from Home” experience to Edmonton families.

Established in 1985, we strive to ensure quality child care through the Government of Alberta and Accreditation standards.

Our Early Childhood Educators offer a multicultural environment which promotes the individual growth and development of children. 

Agency staff are trained in Early Childhood Education, and offer support and resources to both Educators and parents.



After doing my research, I chose Northalta when I started my day home. Northalta has a team of talented, kind, knowledgeable staff, that are there for me whenever I need them. I truly feel a part of the ‘Northalta family’ and that makes a world of difference to me and keeps me motivated to do what I do!
~ Kelly D.


Northalta is so amazing! We felt very safe and welcome. The Agency is a great resource and would definitely recommend it to others.
~ Celene & Camilo C.